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"Most residents do not have the time or desire to manage the many details of their own licensing process. By using MedPro Central, my application was processed quickly and efficiently and provided peace of mind during the process."
David A. Lewis, MD - Wisconsin

Why Use MedPro Central?

AFFORDABLE, UPFRONT PRICING – We don’t hide or bury fees – ever. We will provide you with a complete estimate before we do the work so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We do everything we can to keep our operating costs low and pass the savings on to our clients.

– We take the time to understand your individual needs in order to provide you with the most personalized services possible. Whether it’s discussing your licensing options, tracking down your legal documents or updating your curriculum vitae, we help you with it all and personally guide your application through the process!

EXPERIENCE – MedPro Central’s licensing consultants have successfully managed thousands of medical applications. Our experience extends to all 50 states.  We know how to identify and "pre-solve" potential problems to avoid delays in processing, even when an application involves discipinary issues, messy malpractice cases or difficulty verifying credentials.  

QUALITY – Our licensing consultants adhere to our proven FastTrack Licensing™ process. Learn about it here. We manage every detail on your behalf so that you can focus on your career.  All of your documents are proofread, not once, but twice before leaving our office. You will receive a well-organized application packet including easy-to-follow instructions and a list of any documents you need to send with your application.  We flag each place you need to read or sign and provide a trackable forwarding envelope addressed to the medical board for your convenience and our tracking purposes.  At every step of the way, we keep you fully informed and up to date regarding the process.

EXPEDITED PROCESSING – Your application is our priority from the moment we begin your application until the moment you acquire your license. Don’t spend your precious free time filling out forms, searching for contact information, sending request letters and making follow-up phone calls.

SECURITY AND PRIVACY – Our policy is simple: all client information is strictly confidential. We never sell your information and we only share your information when directly related to the application and credentialing process. Your personal and professional information is kept offline to help prevent identity theft.
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