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"I have never seen a more daunting form than the Florida license application.  Medpro Central made the process as painless as possible, and I had my license in less than 4 months!  They are worth every penny!" Peter Bosco, MD - Florida State Medical License. 

"Every resident needs to be able to focus on their residency, resting assured that his/her application is in safe hands.  As complicated as my case was, MedPro Central managed the process and got my license issued without any delays. I would definitely use them again for any of the other states because I know it’s worth every penny! Thanks again." 
M. S., MD – Ohio State Medical License and FCVS.

I recently decided to make a change in location of my medical practice. I reviewed many Licensing companies. Having done this before, I have experience in what to expect. I chose MedPro Central and was truly amazed at the service I received. I could not have done this myself. MedPro Central’s knowledge of the intricacies of the process was better than I had ever received in the past. Their availability was extraordinary. The contact knowledge and insight into the varying processes in each State was unrivaled in my experience. The promptness and efficiency was superb. Lastly the price of her services was more than fair. With objectivity and experience, I can assure you that you cannot find a better Licensing professional.” 
Robert A Brown, MD – Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina State Medical Licenses

"Most residents do not have the time or desire to make sure all signature and initial areas are filled, acquire all the necessary background documents from multiple locations, make sure they are sent in a timely fashion, contact the licensing board, and ensure their application is being processed as quickly as possible.  By using MedPro Central, my application was processed quickly and efficiently and provided peace of mind during the process.” 
David A. Lewis, MD – Wisconsin

"Tenacious, courteous, professional, and kind is how I would describe MedPro Central.  My experience with them; Jana Sheckler at the helm was exemplary.  The terrible gauntlet that we must travel as we seek licensure was made much easier by MedPro Central. Their dedication to the cause was without equal.  It is rare to find this level of service today with a concomitant pride in one's work, maybe I am "old school", but I admire these traits.  I recommend them most highly."  
Kenneth G Fulp, DO - Diplomate American Board of Anesthesiology

MedPro Central was personable, efficient and proactive at getting my medical license paperwork processed.   They provided the fast service and persistent follow-up necessary to quickly complete my somewhat complicated application.  They took care of everything, leaving me free to concentrate on my next career move.  I was able to spend time relaxing with my family knowing that my application was in good hands.  I'd recommend MedPro Central to anyone in need of a medical license.” 
Dr. Paul Schonbrun, MD

"I would not even consider trusting my physician licensure to another company. MedPro Central's wealth of knowledge in the physician licensing process has proven time and time again to be one of our firm's most valuable resources.  When it comes to physician licensure, there is only one company and that company is Medpro Central." 
Chad Rudel, Consultant, Harmony Medical Staffing/Harmony Locum Tenens


When I am talking with candidates and I get resistance or apprehension with getting a new license, I immediately bring up Jana and give a testimonial to her work with my other physicians.  It eases their minds and I know she will get it done!  I have a great advocate there at MedPro that makes my job easier and allows me to be more effective.”  
Dr. Doug Smith, Delta Physician Placement

MedPro Central’s informative website and willingness to listen to the customer’s individual needs takes this company far beyond our most demanding expectations. Once again, we owe a big thank you to MedPro Central, we look forward to a long, productive and collegial relationship.” 
Robyn Burlingame, CEO, Viable Medical Consulting, LLC

“You were prompt, knowledgeable, quick to comprehend the issue and offered a generous first consultation on top of being easy to interact with. I had tried the same questions with some US state licensing boards, the AMA and a few services; but they all were unable to offer as much focused help as efficiently as Medpro Central.  This was especially helpful for me since I am living overseas where connecting to the US by phone can get costly sometimes.”
Maram Hakim MD

"I received a very thorough and attentive service. There was never a problem asking many questions and I always received a kind and prompt response. Even that my case was difficult, I always enjoyed the professional and efficient service I received."
A.C., MD Michigan License and FCVS

 "I have been practicing medicine for almost 30 years and have several state licenses and recently I applied for a medical license in a state that will go un named but which has one of the most retrogressive application processes I have ever come across. As soon as I started to read the requirements for documentation I began to ask myself if I really wanted to do further training in this state. For example, how was I going to verify privileges at a hospital that closed 15 years ago? Then I came across the MedPro Central website and talked to Jana Sheckler. She assured me that she could get me through the process in a painless manner and sent me a list of the information she needed. With that in hand she followed up every step of the way until I had license in hand. Does she do it for free? No, but the peace of mind knowing that someone who knew what they were doing was getting the needed information and that it was being done as a primary focus in an efficient manner made it worth it to me. Plus she now has all of that in a data base so any future licensing needs she can take care of quickly and easily. To me Jana and MedPro Central are the way to go." 
Jack Coleman, MD

"I believe that working with MedPro Central was extremely helpful and permitted things to move along at the relatively break-neck speed of 3 months from time of request for application until licensure." 
Arthur Sonberg, MD

"I wish to thank you for how easy you have been to work with in getting our new doctor set up so that he can practice as soon as he joins us. You have been cheerful and pleasant and courteous on every call. If I ask for something you don't already have, you are quick to say you will take care of it and then you do. All my questions are handled quickly and efficiently. Your professionalism has been an asset to our doctor who hired you and to us as well. Thank you and I would be most happy to recommend you to other physicians. Continued best wishes and warm regards."  
Joanne L. Mann, Abington Pulmonary & Critical Care Associates, Ltd.

"MedPro Central is an organization that aids professionals in the application, submission, and tracking of professional licensure.  Myself, an army national guardsman and osteopathic physician, wanted to obtain an osteopathic medical license in the state of FL. I had heard that the application process for a medical license can be very difficult in the state. With this degree of difficulty in mind I contacted MedPro Central after referral from the hospital I will be employed at in FL.  I was informed that MedPro Central was a very reliable, persistent, reputable company to take care of the licensure process for a medical license.  I have to say I was not disappointed when hiring the company to take care of the logistics involved in getting my license.  The staff was very polite, punctual, an kept me readily informed of the status of my application.  I got weekly updates and was informed of any additional changes in the application status right until I was issued my license.  Not only were they very prompt and diligent, MedPro Central freed my time and helping me avoid the quagmire of getting swamped down in hoards of paperwork that I would have been subjected to had I chose to do the application myself.  The company is reasonable in their fees and well worth the cost saving me significant time and frustration in an already very busy schedule by having them do all the work.  I strongly recommend anyone whether a graduating medical resident, such as myself, or Attending physician to to use MedPro Central to remove the worry, frustration, and time that occurs when going through the medical license application process.  Its worth every penny and saves you time and you get a license in the end!"
MAJ Kirk Garcia-Rios, D.O.  

"MedPro Central, a diamond in a sea of uncertainties. They took "my case" and assisted me all the way to two successful state licenses and registration with the FCVS. They always gave me proper and accurate advise and they were effective in all the goals set upfront. I would highly recommend them to anyone who seeks serious advise and service for obtaining a medical license."
Ramon Echague Colman, MD, FACP, FCCP